Etched Copper Plaques

Premium Grade Alloy C11000

Etched Bronze PlaqueWhen the highest level of detail is required for your identification needs, rely on Metallic Arts etched plaques.

The etching process is extremely precise, allowing for the smallest text or even half-tone photographs to be reproduced in any one of our sheet stock materials: copper, brass, bronze, or even stainless steel.

Etched plaques are often a favorite for interior applications because of their incredible “picture-perfect” precision. Common uses include museum exhibits, front office identification, donor and recognition plaques. They are, however, tough enough for outdoor use as well (with the exception of some extremely fine half-tone images).

Material Thickness & Recessed Areas

Stainless Steel material is available in thicknesses of 1/16", 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4". Other thicknesses available, call for quote. Our standard etching depth is approximately .020" for all but half-tone images, which are etched to approximately .010" to maintain image integrity. One standard infill paint color is included; multiple colors are available for an additional charge. All copper plaques are coated with our tough, oven-baked clear polyurethane to protect the surface.

Etched Bronze Plaques Standard vs. Reversed


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